I cannot access/download the product(s) I purchased

If you cannot access or download your purchases, whether it be through the email(s) sent to you or directly in your account on our website, we have you covered.

Note: Please see this article if you cannot login to your account.

For the time being, some download links might not be present in the purchase history of your account. This might sound odd, but do keep in mind most store providers cater to physical products. The good news however, is this will change in the future and we'll be sprucing up the account page!

  • Head on over to your account on our store, click the order number (example: #1234), and below the product name, "(download here)" should be present
  • If not, go to the inbox of the email address you use with the Threshold Store. Search for "Threshold Store" (without quotes), and in one of the emails sent to you, you will find the download link
  • If this link does not work, there's a possibility the product(s) have been updated. In this case, seek out any emails informing you of an update, which contain newer download links

Note we have changed our file hosting provider a couple of times that has resulted in broken download links. This will be especially true for some purchases made before April 2020.

We don't want you to be without your flight sim addons, so if you still cannot download your product(s), send us a message through the chat bubble on the right in our store. We'll be happy to get a fresh download link sent straight to your inbox. To speed up the process, ensure you are logged in before establishing contact.

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